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All we need is you ... and one of your cans.
Saturdays, Nov. 7, 14, & 21
5:50–7:20 pm, RR Gym

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 Love Well • Change Lives • Through Christ
Part 4: The Mission: Grow

Matthew 16:21-28

The call of Christ goes against our natural inclinations. It’s not a path of ease and victory — its one of self-denial, death and obedience we are to follow and it does not come naturally. We all must grow in our relationship with Jesus.
1. The Plan: Jesus’ Death & Resurrection (v. 21)
2. The Problem: Our perspective (vs .22-23)
3. The Path Ahead:
a. Denial, death & obedience (v. 24)
b. Everlasting life (vs. 25-26)
c. Eternal reward (vs. 27-28)
4. The Pattern: Growth (Acts 22:8-10)

You Are Good (Johnson/Riddle)
How Great Thou Art
Jesus We Love You
Sweetly Broken
One Thing Remains
Jesus We Love You

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