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All we need is you ... and one of your cans.
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Who We Are

What makes Woodmen unique? We recently asked this question to focus groups from our staff and congregation in an effort to better understand what sets us apart. Two ideas that rose to the surface were A high view of God and A place that’s safe for broken people.

At first, these ideas might seem to contradict one another. But at Woodmen, we see them both as wonderful expressions of the character of God.

WVC champions a high view of God’s glory, His power, His name and His love. We also engage deeply with the brokenness and sin in our own stories. We believe that only by understanding God’s perfect holiness and our own fallenness can we fully embrace the miraculous, saving grace and redemption offered through Christ and His work on the cross.

Woodmen Valley Chapel is, at its core, a gathering of people—of believers and seekers. We are a people God has called-out. Sometimes we are broken and beat up, sometimes we dare to look each other in the eyes and see the image of Christ in one another.

We are an assembly of people sharing their stories before God and before each other in community. We are living out the synergy found when God’s people come together to celebrate, to grieve and to hope together. In authenticity, we celebrate the stories He is authoring and the way he is weaving these stories together into the tapestry of His greater Gospel story.

Service Times and Locations

Saturdays, 6 pm
Sundays, 9 & 11 am
9 & 11 am services are simulcast in the Community Center Gymnasium at the Rockrimmon Campus.

Rockrimmon Community
290 E. Woodmen Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Office: 719.388.5000
Map to the Rockrimmon Campus

Woodmen Heights Community
8292 Woodmen Valley View, Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Map to the Woodmen Heights Campus

Gleneagle Community (Launch date: Dec 5/6)
Meets at Antelope Trails Elementary: 15280 Jessie Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Map to the Gleneagle Campus

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Woodmen Valley Chapel

Woodmen Valley Chapel was founded in 1981 as a nondenominational, evangelical fellowship of believers.

Today, we strive to be an authentic community where people can experience God, be encouraged in their spiritual journey and empowered for service as they entrust a legacy to others. We are one church with two locations - our Rockrimmon Campus highlights a spacious and modern worship center, designed in true local mountain style and surrounded by a 500-seat chapel and small prayer chapel. Our western architecture blends well with the backdrop of the rugged foothills of the Rocky Mountains' Front Range and majestic Pikes Peak. Our Woodmen Heights Campus has a spacious, modern worship center and is located on the east side of Colorado Springs, at Woodmen Road and Marksheffel Road. As we work together to become fully developed followers of Jesus Christ, Woodmen Valley Chapel strives to reach out to believers and non-believers who are single, couples, families or retired. Each weekend, we serve over 6,000 worshippers who attend one of the three services: Saturday, 6 pm; Sunday, 9 & 11 am. A comprehensive education program is available for children of all ages at both locations. 

Our strong global commitment sends many members of WVC and more than 10% of our budget to support God's work beyond the walls of the church. Our missionary partners are at work across the world in countries including South Africa, Russia and Brazil and include affiliations with such organizations as New Hope International, Habitat for Humanity and many others.

Woodmen Valley Chapel is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and the Willow Creek Association.

WVC's 25th Anniversary Weekend Celebration was captured on DVD in it's entirety and is available for $10.