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All we need is you ... and one of your cans.
4:30 pm, RR and WH Campuses

Weekend Service Times

Saturdays, 6 pm
Sundays, 9 & 11 am

Simulcast viewing of the 9 & 11 am services is available in the Community Center Gymnasium during Sunday services at the Rockrimmon Campus.

Click here to see our current teaching series.

Enabling WVC Emergency Text Messaging

To sign up to receive the most timely notifications of WVC delays or cancellations, text emergency to 719.428.4288

BETA Testing Calendar

We're working on communicating Woodmen events more clearly - get a sneak peek of the beta testing for our web calendar here: calendar.woodmenvalley.org

Our Weekly Events Calendar by Day

Rockrimmon Campus

Westside Community Center

Rockrimmon and Woodmen Heights