Awana Ministry Partner Stories

I first became involved in AWANA when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten in Grand Junction, CO.  The year was 1984.  I started out by taking the "Basic Training" offered at an AWANA conference.  I think that first year I helped out as a leader in a classroom and on the game circle. The next year I was asked to take on the responsibility of Commander for the club, which I did with my wife Rita helping out as a director. The club quickly grew to about 120-130 kids between the Sparks and the "Grey Shirts" as we called them back then. (Now T&T) Rita and I had both been through "Child Evangelism Fellowship's" training so we were comfortable teaching the kids and we did most of the "Council Times" now called large group.

As Commander, I represented AWANA to the church, encouraged our directors and leaders and was full time into recruiting, as we were nearly always short-handed.  God always seemed to give us just what we needed for help without making it too comfortable. Along with teaching, I was the song leader and game director.  I held this position until we moved away to Durango in 1988. Once in Durango, we found ourselves looking for a church with an AWANA club to plug into. Their was none at the church we decided we wanted to attend so along with some other families with similar interests, we started a club at the First Baptist church. I was once again asked to be the Commander and the club seemed to function and work in a similar way as the one we left in Grand Junction.  Rita and I did a lot of the teaching and I was again the song leader and game director as well as Commander.  This may all sound like a lot of work but we loved it and the joy we experienced in seeing kids memorize God's word and come to know him was always amazing. 

We came to Colorado Springs in January 1997 and found WVC with an AWANA program. We plugged in immediately. I took a break from AWANA in 2000-2010 to play guitar for the worship team and I taught some Sunday school. Once my oldest granddaughter was old enough to start Cubbies, I got back into the program. I love what AWANA does for kids and for families. Over the years I have seen literally hundreds of kids come to know the Lord through the AWANA program and a few times entire families. A while back, maybe 10 years ago I received a call from a young man who was attending Baylor University to become a pastor. He said he just wanted to call and thank me for my commitment to the AWANA program and for the investment I had made in him personally. I had lead him to the Lord at AWANA years earlier and had baptized him at an AWANA baptism that we used to do for the kids that accepted Christ in the club.

There have been many times when I did not feel like going to AWANA on a particular night but I always went and I was always amazed at the blessing I received by going. The kids, the Word and the Spirit of God always come through to make each night such a blessing. There is nothing like leading a little one to the Savior.

Bob Dickerson

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What? Awana is an international outreach program leading kids worldwide to know, love and serve Christ. Awana offers a proven approach to help churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Club nights include Bible memorization, worship, teaching, and games.

Why? Awana produces results for a lifetime. Among alumni who participated in Awana for at least six years and whose parents were involved in their spiritual growth, 93% still attend church at least weekly as adults and hold a firm belief in God, Jesus, and the Bible. They are also much more likely to read their Bible regularly, serve in their church and community, and share their faith with others. See the complete study:

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