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WVC Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the typical questions that newcomers ask about our church ...

Q. Is Woodmen Valley affiliated with any denomination?           

  • A: No
    We are an independent, non-denominational church. However, we do align in conviction and purpose with other evangelical churches both past and present who ascribe and submit to the rich, historical creedal affirmations of Scripture, such as the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed.

Q. How is Woodmen Valley Chapel governed?

  • A: We are staff led and elder governed.
    The Lead Pastor serves as an elder and is accountable to them.

Q.  Where do my kids go?

  • A: Information is available at Guest Central (located upstairs at Rockrimmon and by the fireplace at Woodmen Heights) that has the names of the locations of our children’s areas during the weekend services and a map. The locations are also listed below:
    –Birth through Kindergarten: Noah’s Ark (between the Worship Center and Stone Chapel)
    Grades 1–4: KidsCove (Community Center – Lower Level)
    –Grades 5-6: 56 (Community Center Gym) (Sundays, 9 am)
    Woodmen Heights
    Infants/Crawlers: Atrium
    1s-4th grade: KidsCove Modulars
    5th-6th grade (56): Atrium (Sundays, 11 am)
    Infants/Crawlers: Classrooms (Sign in at Check-In Desk) 
    1s-4th grade: Classrooms (Sign in at Check-In Desk)
    5th-6th grade (56): Cafeteria (Saturdays, 6 pm)

    Children with Special Needs
    For information about classes available for children with special needs (birth-18 years), please CLICK HERE.

    For your older children:
    Middle School (7th/8th Grade): Meets on Sundays at 5:15 pm at our Rockrimmon and Woodmen Heights campuses. 
    High School (9th–12th Grade): Meets on Sundays at 5:15 pm at our Rockrimmon and Woodmen Heights campuses. 

Q: Does the church offer Bible studies for adults?

  • A: Yes
    Information on the class, time and location is available at Connect Central or online at woodmenvalley.org/adultclasses. We call them Community Groups, which are ongoing Sunday morning classes for adults that happen during both worship services. (This allows you to go to the Sunday service either before or after the class meets.) All studies are Bible-based, and led by qualified lay leaders within the church.

Q.  Does the church offer community groups?

  • A: Yes
    Information on how to connect with a community group is available at Connect Central. These groups are formed primarily according to “life stage” (e.g., Young Marrieds, Singles, “Empty Nesters,” etc.).

    Our community groups are Bible-based and typically held in someone’s home. They are a great way to get connected with other believers.

Q.  How can I learn about the church and become a member?

  • A: The church offers a class called Discovery each quarter.
    This two-week class over two Sunday mornings is a great time to ask questions and learn more about the church. The teaching team includes several pastors who review the church’s beliefs, vision, ministry philosophy, leadership structure, and how to become an active participant in the church community. At the end of the class sessions, you will be encouraged to consider membership, but there is no pressure. 

 Q.  What are the requirements for membership?

  • A: Four prerequisites must be met:
    –Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
    –Believer’s baptism
    –Completion of Discovery
    –Submission of a signed “Membership Commitment” form

Q.  What is the basic doctrine of the church?

  • A: This website is a great resource for this information
    Here, one can find our beliefs, our vision, our history, why we do what we do, the various ministries we offer and many other subjects that may be of interest. The Discovery class, just mentioned above, is another option for learning more about the church. Connect Central offers a copy of our “Statement of Faith” and many other resources that someone may find helpful. 

Q.  Do you offer any singles groups?

  • A: Yes
    Our singles group (single adults 35+) is called MOSAIC (Ministry Of Single Adults In Community). More information can be found on their website, and also at Connect Central.  

Q.  Do you offer any special group for young adults?

  • A: Yes
    We host an event for 18-20 somethings (single or married) called EDGE that meets Thursday night each week. You can find out about everything going on for young adults here.

Q.  Do you offer communion?

  • A: Yes
    Communion is served on a regular basis during the worship services — generally, every 4-6 weeks. For those who desire a more frequent experience, there are self-contained communion kits available at each worship venue at the front tables. Those staff members and elders who are up front at the end of the service can assist you with these elements. They are also there to pray with you if you desire.

Q.  Where can I go for prayer, if I do not want to go down front after the service is over?

  • A: The Prayer Chapel
    The Prayer Chapel, located in the upper parking lot at Rockrimmon, is generally available for private prayer before, during and after the weekend services. Pastors and staff are available in the front of the Worship Center after the services at both campuses, where they can meet and pray with you as well.

Q.  Where can I get a copy of the weekend messages? Do you sell CDs or DVDs?

  • A: Yes
    CDs of the weekend messages are available at Connections Bookstore in the Atrium at Woodmen Heights. They are available on the same day. DVDs of special musical/drama productions the church puts on, such as “Scrooge,” as well as our anniversary celebration “25 Years of Amazement," are also available. To visit our "listen online" page, click here. There you can listen to mp3s and join our podcast.

Q.  Can I get baptized?

  • A: Yes
    We practice baptism by immersion, and it is offered 5-6 times a year at any of the services. Contact the church office at 719.388.5000 to find out what one needs to do and know beforehand, or CLICK HERE to obtain additional information.

    Children (3rd-6th grade) who want to be baptized are taken through a “Christianity 101” class taught by our Woodmen Kids staff. One parent participates with them. On completion of the class, the child is given the choice to be baptized.

Q.  Do you offer child dedications?

  • A: Yes
    Parent-Child Dedications are conducted twice a year in service after the completion of our Parent-Child Celebration class. For more information, click here or contact, Eloise Burges at eloise.burges@woodmenvalley.org